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Zpotted: champagne gold

My buddy Nick sent this over while he as in town. A 911 owner himself, he was still excited to tell me all the aspects he liked about this gold / champagne ’75/’76 Datsun 280z he zpotted in the parking lot.

Check it out – super clean! Krager / Centerline – like rims (probably original from the dealer), OE beefy bumpers, and just smooth and shiny as any perfect example would be. He was really keen to point out the louvers on the rear winshield – love’m.

Actually my 280z originally had the louvers; how can i tell? there’s a wear line on the glass! hmm gotta think about getting those before the summer sun really comes in!

Thanks Nick!




Daily Datsun Live! Smog saga – Final chapter

It passes. This is me reporting to you (semi) live from SmogTech in San Jose.. The Daily Datsun’s 1977 280z passes CA smog emission tests! 🙂

More on the rest of the story later.. Sorry, it’s been a while.


Zpotted: Tjong

Running down Lafayette, right alongside Santa Clara University, catches a red Z… who?

Of course it’s our friend Jonathan Tong’s mean 240z!


Haha i was in the truck so you didn’t know it was me.. but hey buddy, sup?!

Z is lookin’ good!




If you haven’t seen already, check out his and his buddy’s blog over at

Got some great things going on over there! When are we going for a ride?!

a 280z restoration one morning at a time


a 280z restoration one morning at a time

Dirty S30

a 280z restoration one morning at a time


Looking through the lens with rods and cones.


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