Zpotted: Tjong

Running down Lafayette, right alongside Santa Clara University, catches a red Z… who?

Of course it’s our friend Jonathan Tong’s mean 240z!


Haha i was in the truck so you didn’t know it was me.. but hey buddy, sup?!

Z is lookin’ good!




If you haven’t seen already, check out his and his buddy’s blog over at http://lawsonmahoney.com/

Got some great things going on over there! When are we going for a ride?!

2 Replies to “Zpotted: Tjong”

  1. Shoulda called out to me bro! I’m on Lafayette a lot these days ’cause I go to school at SCU. As soon as I graduate in a few weeks I’ll be hitting you up to go on some rides! What’s your favorite road? Btw, have you gone to the Old school import meet on el camino real and lawrence expressway? It’s every last thursday of the month. I haven’t gone since last year, but I’ll probably check it out next month.
    – Jon Tong

  2. Hahah omg i was gonna ask you the same! I think one’s tonight, right? aahhh but i can’t tonight, and i’ll be out of town next month! doh.. yeah, but i’ve been meaning to get out there to that spot. Hey an early congrats on graduating too! Let’s definitely get a ride in this summer – can’t wait!

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