Datsun Swap Meet – San Jose, 7/20/14

There’ll be a local Datsun swap meet in San Jose! (finally!)

Who: all Datsuns & Japanese cars
Where: 2455 Masonic Dr, San Jose, CA
When: 7/20/14

It’s been a while since i’ve been to a show / swap meet, so this’ll be fun. HOPEFULLY ALL THEM BAY AREA Z’S CAN COME OUT AND REPRESENT! :] mmm who knows.. maybe I’ll bring some cash / parts.

San Jose Datsun Swap meet @ Masonic Dr.

From the craigslist ad:

Hello every one pls come joing us at this event in san jose ca we are having a swap meet for all DATSUN japanise cars. July/20/14 the addres 2455 masonic dr. san jose ca. 


Original post:

Squeaky clutch…

…meet your greasy doom. That is, if i can get to you.

For over a year now, my clutch pedal has been squeaking and squawking every now and again, just asking to be oiled, greased, lubed. And oh i have before, trust me.. I’d get on a latex glove, blindly find my way up the pedal arm till I hit something mechanical…there…some lithium grease here, some lithium grease there, a few pumps of the clutch pedal and the sound is gone… but it always comes back. Imagine what that’s like with the Z being a manual transmission. For me, I’m used to it. For anyone else, annoying!

I thought maybe the grease was just wearing away – lithium grease doesn’t seem to have the staying power as traditional automotive grease. Until I finally decided to take the plunge, seat all the way back, lay under the dash with my head on the floor and see what the heck is going on down there.

It’s hard to see, but the 280z has this nice metal wall between the clutch and brake pedal arms. Ah! so that’s why I could only get so far up…And now i need smaller hands, because the space to get to the actual mechanism that’s squeaking is for child-like hands only. You can also see from the pic where all that lithium grease went – haha!





How to get up there without training my nearly 2 & 3 year old nephew and niece to be grease monkeys? WD-40. This probably should have been my first go-to solution for reasons beyond it’s extended spray nozzle: dad would’ve used this first.


The extended straw allowed me to shoot up high into the hard to reach places. And I kinda just blindly shot stuff up there too for good measure. Viola! No more embarrassing squeaking every time I use the clutch.