Bushing inspection

Yesterday I have the Z a well-deserved, long overdue car wash. Man, I still can’t get over the classic Z, S30 body style.


Early Monday morning I also did a super long overdue oil change! Ugh! I think a quart came out.. At best. Anyways – 5 qts of 10w30 synthetic high-mileage, fuel filter, and a couple of revs later, this cat was purring nicely. Oil pressure looking good.

Just for quick reference, O’Reilly’s Autoparts shopping list:
– Oil Filter: Fram Ph8a, HM8a or Microgard MGL51515
– Oil: 10w30, 5 qrts
– Air filter: Microgard MGA42136

– 19mm socket wrench (for oil drain plug)
– oil pan
– gloves

Lastly, while under car, I inspected the bushing up front for the sway bar, A-arms, etc.. Cracked / crusty:



This will the first time tackling bushings on the 280z and on any car, so I think starting with the sway bar should be an easy one to see what I’m getting into. But that’ll be for next post 🙂

2 Replies to “Bushing inspection”

  1. Yo Justin,

    I was hoping the other day when we saw each other that you were also heading up to the Bayline Gathering at the Oakland Marina. It was pretty awesome!

    Anyway, I’ve done all the bushing changes on my 240z, so let me give you a couple tips. I used polyurethane (prothane brand I believe) and they made a huge difference in handling over the crusty, cracked rubber from decades past. If you go the polyurethane route instead of the rubber route, use as much of the grease supplied as possible. After about a year, the polyurethane will squeak. It’s going to feel the same, but it’s just going to squeak.

    Also DO NOT use polyurethane on those tension rods. First of all you’re going to cuss and raise your blood pressure just trying to get them on (imagine three hours of me, my dad, and my cousin all wrestling to compress the polyurethane with 3 clamps enough to slip on the nut), and second, they are too stiff for the Z’s suspension design. The 510 has them in front which I guess “pulls” away from it versus the Z’s design that has them behind the steering rack, etc so it’s literally pounding back against the body with every little bump. My right tension rod literally snapped in half about a couple months after putting in the polyurethane bushing there. It’s just too much impact and no cushioning. I went back to the rubber bushings from MSA only for those tension rods, and I couldn’t be happier. Btw, even with the rubber though it’s going to be a little annoying to put them in. I recommend two massive clamps that will be able to squeeze both sides to compress the rubber bushings enough to allow you to put the plate, washers, and nut.

    If you need help or have any questions just let me know.

    1. Wow dood, thanks for the tip! yeah, i got the full on polyurethane kit from one-only manufacturer for our Z. I’ll definitely keep away from that tension rod bushing.

      Doh! I wish i were up on that Bayline Gathering… next meet, next meet. man, i’m still missing on that last-thursday-of-every-month one off lawrence / el camino. It’ll be Sept for me

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