Zpotted: Undercover Z

 We know that shape anywhere…

My mom and I were checking out houses in the neighborhood, and I did a triple take. She was like, “what are you looking at?!”

Z’s can’t hide from us!

Zoom in and you can lines for thin bumpers, and those clean wheels peeking from under the car cover. From the back side I saw a patina’d reddish / orange body…

I’ll roll around again someday soon and see if we can interview its owner!

7 Replies to “Zpotted: Undercover Z”

  1. Wow, Its Halloween nite and I was looking for your website that I ckd out a week ago. Why? Cause Im literally working on my seat recover job and remembered you did yours. Anyways…love your Z and congrats to both of you getting married. PS im the owner of the Z hiding undercover. lol obviously no Z in the bay area can hide from you and Im pretty sure your using IP address’s or my Z the Z Gods are smiling down on me again. Nevertheless Zs rule! Im lol you found it and it freaked me out.

    1. what?! that’s incredible! haha no no, no cyber stuff here – we were just rolling around looking at open houses! but my Z-radar is always on haha! cool – i’m glad the post can help you get your seats together! well shoot, let’s get together sometime!

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