Chrome Chisel End

The chrome chisel end for the fender bumper guard came in! Huh.. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be shiny and new.. So it’ll stick out like a sore thumb on the side of the 280z – nice.

On a side note, on the site i purchased this from, they used my picture in their installation notes! That nice.. Would also be nice if they comp’d this chisel end too. Who knows how many referrals came from here to

Installation goes in first thing tomorrow morning!

5 Replies to “Chrome Chisel End”

  1. Wth? Is this Z ok? Wow the datsun Z is very interesting. Your Z spotted is borderline pathetic and you have now reached the rock bottom of intrique with your trim postiing? Fuck me. Your boring.

    1. Appreciate the concern and criticism man. The Z is doing well – it’s just been a lower priority since becoming a father and putting focus on other projects. Every article has its ups and downs – im just glad you’re still around. BTW, how’d those seats come out?

      1. OMG OMG OMG OMG I saw all your emails and Im all “NOOOOOOO” Justinyee I sincerely apologize for those 2 comments from hell. I dont at all remember posting those nor thinking that bs. Still cleaning up the after math from that day and nite from Vodka hell. REMOVE THEM FOR ME IF POSSIBLE PLEASEEE!

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