Zpotted: yes, my wife “zpots”

My wife knows I love Datsun, and sends me pics every now and then. Love her for it! But I’m never good about posting them – haha sorry it’s been awhile. But here we go…

Datsun B210  

And what looks to be a Datsun 280ZX with massive sun roof.


3 Replies to “Zpotted: yes, my wife “zpots””

  1. i gotta catch a pic of my neighbor’s mint white 280 and send it to you. this is your bud NB. also, today i saw an M3 with flared fender body kit and huge spoiler–totally ruined it lol

  2. sweet, the comment did post. same fella has a spotless e34 bmw in white–don’t know how he keeps it so clean.

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