This blog is dedicated to cataloging the restoration of a 1977 Datsun 280z.

A brief history of the car: It was driven by a wild mom until she got older and parked it under a tree up in the Mount Hamilton area of San Jose. For a few years it sat until her son began to clean it up to sell. On lunch break, a friend and I met with “Wild Bill” up in San Carlos where he’d been briefly commuting with the car…and after a test drive, I rolled back into work with a 280z. [more here].

The purpose of this car is to drive it everyday, for the rest of it’s days.
Hopefully through the process, other Datsun Z and car enthusiasts will learn from it, or impart their advice.
I hope by your stumbling upon this page, that you’ll get something out of it, if nothing more than entertainment.

I’ve always loved cars like most guys like sports, like most girls love shoes. But have never owned one myself, until now.

Dedicated to my dad who works tirelessly, has owned more cars through his years than what you can count on your fingers; my brother who taught me about cars as we learned together, an incredible engineer (and at his rate of ownership will possibly beat my dad’s record); my sister with her incredible sense of design, aesthetics and practicality; and my mom who can do absolutely anything, a leading example of how to get things done.

If not for them, not just this project wouldn’t be possible, but life itself.

Thank you,

25 Replies to “About”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You made it – Your dedication, perseverance and love of the 280Z made your accomplishment possible. We are so very proud of you & the end result…a beauty Z!!! Love, Mom

  2. Great job on your Z. It’s beautiful. And thanks for posting all your experiences and useful information.

    Harold (San Jose)

  3. Hello there. I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog all day long, instead of working (kinda lazy day, today). I just recently adquired a Z for myself, a 1977 280z like yours. Altough mine is in really good shape, still requires some hard work to make it shine like back in the day… and your website becomes a source of inspiration and information. I’ll be following your steps…
    PS: I’m from the south of Mexico.

  4. Is there an email address that I can contact the owner of dailydatsun.com at directly? I am searching for recommendations on unique Z cars and owners around the world to feature at http://zcarworld.com. Would have liked to contacted Mr. Chemo in Mexico, who commented above, but could not find a way to do that.

    Thanks much,

  5. I am really glad I have stumbled across your blog; I’ve learned a lot! I’m still in the process of acquiring the right z (most likely a 240z). Keep up the great work, and I good luck with the build! I look forward to the many months to come!


    1. Hey acRisker! actually i had to look that part up too – it’s the clutch master cylinder! :] funny how those parts just kinda show up outta no where even after looking in the engine bay 100 times haha

  6. Your continued enthusiasm is inspiring to those who admire the beauty of old sports cars and the like. It brings curiosity for many, who may leap forward and begin their own journey. Inspire on son.
    Dad 🙂

  7. Just stumbled on this Blog..Very Cool!!
    I live in Florida and after my 45th Birthday (3 Girls and 14 years of marriage), I decided it was time — I purchased my very own 71 240z — rented a car, drove 9 hours to Pensacola and drove her back..I will definitely be following the adventure.. Keep it up!! Ron

  8. i stumbled along your site. i think its amazing that you look out for z cars and your personal car is in great shape as well. ill be following along. ive been searching for a few month for one of my own. you may make my search easier. keep up the good work!

  9. Watched an episode of Wheeler Dealers and they worked on a 280z. I always wanted to fix up an old Porsche but I don’t make that kind of money. However growing up seeing and loving old old 280z’s and the tv show fired off an craigslist search. I logged into Craigslist and found a 1978 280z in my neck of the woods. Started doing some digging and found your blog due to the bumper swap. Love the site, and I am afraid you may have just set the hook that i bite watching Wheeler Dealers.

    1. Hey Alvin! haha what a catch! :] of course, who wouldn’t love to roll around in a old Porsche [except that the extra money you have hanging out of your pocket is flying out the window] – but the Z is rewarding and beautiful car to restore in it’s own right [and quite softer on the wallet]. If you happen to get a Z, write back; i’d love to hear what you’re interested in or what you picked up. cheers!

  10. If you are still here, and you still have those floppy original metal mirrors that you took off, are they for sale? Thanks. Nice work!

  11. Found my way to your blog surfing the internet, thanks for the cool blog. I just picked up a 280z in San Jose and am dailying it to school. It sucks being a teen with no budget. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Andrew! Congrats on the Z – and a “Daily Datsun” at that! Haha it’ll be an adventure and hope it continues to get to class on time 🙂 no budget just means you’ll have to be creative / patient (CL free listings, make friends at Z meets) until you start getting that paycheck. If you do need something, hit me up, I may have a spare part or two around.

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