CL: free Z

Holy finds! Who doesn’t like scavenging around Craigslist?! What’s that saying: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”?! Oh the treasures!

Ready for this?! There’s a free Z on Craigslist! Whoa! A 1977 Datsun 280z was listed on CL in the free section (one of my favorite sections), without engine and transmission, mismatched wheels, multi-colored and a few dents, to say the least.

Get it while it’s hot.


CL listing: Atara Watanabe replicas

A few months back I was overviewing 8-spoke wheels that have the classic look Watanabe wheels have oh-so craftily perfected (at least for a classic Japanese car, in my opinion).

During my frequent searches on Craigslist for all things Datsun, I saw someone in Burlingame selling their Ataras! $850 for 4 new 15×9, 0 offset…with Watanabe logo’d center caps? Haha nice.

mmm now I don’t have any driving experience on this wheel (and info on Atara in general is sparse), but for a replica wheel, it seems a bit steep. Though everything is relative: a single Wantabe wheel can go for that much.

Worth it?

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CL Post: 72 datsun 240z “need gone”

Part of the daily routine? Hop onto to craigslist and if warranted, shout out the latest Datsun deals to my wife (not that she cares, but she’s the only one around listening).

Man, the price on this gem is soooo hard to pass up… READ: $1500. Yes, $1500.
$1500 for a 240z. Just going by the pics, probably some body rust, but doesn’t look like body damage. Front bumper looks aligned. Enkei rims. Body panels straight. And judging by the black truck in the garage, probably coming from someone who knows something about cars.

Maybe I’ll take a look…just a look.

In case the post is gone, direct from Craigslist:

image 1image 2image 3

1972 datsun 240z manual transmission

i love the car but i have to sell it.
reg just expired but will be cheap.
the car will drive bu the rear coilovers need to be installed.the fronts were already done.i havent touched the car since i got it, only drove it a little but i dont have any time to work on it.
please call me at …
price is firm and well worth it.
thank you for your time..

240z on BAT

Yesterday morning greeted us with a smile: there was a 240z on Bring-a-trailer!

This silver 240z is currently for sale in VA, and a shining example of a modernized 240z. Just check out the pics on the original post from VADriven. This Datsun 240z is super clean clean clean, and neatly done (check the underside pic and the near perfect gap lines). It’s got the usual goodies: 5-speed, fender mirrors, strut tower bar, new bushings and BRE styled front air dam; plus some additional stuff that you don’t see everyday (carbon fiber tail light bezel / wing, tons of new gauges, and push button start). You can certainly get a LOT of ideas when scoping out other’s visions of their rides.


Daily-Datsun-VADriven-240z-3  Daily-Datsun-VADriven-240z-2 Daily-Datsun-VADriven-240z-6 Daily-Datsun-VADriven-240z-5 Daily-Datsun-VADriven-240z-4


Still available for sale @ $14,000.

Source: Bring-a-trailerVADriven

Datsun Deals: 1969 Datsun 510 w/ KA24DE

Saw a fresh posting for a 1969 Datsun 510 with KA24DE motor and in need of some work (needs a new transmission)… for $2500.

For a car that still runs, new clutch, bubble flares, 4-door, Enkei rims, and that looks like it’s in relatively great shape? That’s a flat out no-brainer price. Especially since 5-speeds can go for as little as $200, and man, we’ve pulled out that 510 engine soooo many times…

DailyDatsun-CL-69_510_KA24DE-1 DailyDatsun-CL-69_510_KA24DE-2
My brother better get on it!