Happy Thanksgiving!

Haha a holiday to give thanks! Thank you Datsun for giving us all your sweet looking cars! But how does the Z car have such a closer affinity to Thanksgiving? Well, after the big turkey meal, what you hear? ZZZzzzz ZZZzzzz haha it’s in everyone’s dreams!

While you’ve got time to kill between holiday shopping or people sleeping, here’s a special on the Z from the History channel. Happy Thanksgiving!

National Geographic – Datsun Fairlady Z

One Year Later…

Want your own “barn find”? Let your car sit untouched for a year! But like Patrick Swayze said, “nobody puts baby in the corner…nobody”.

Yes, raising kids and renovating our house certainly put the “daily” into “yearly” datsun. There’s no hooks for a car seat.. and no sense in putting precious cargo in danger too 🙂
So sat the Z: gathering serious dust, air escaping sagging tires, gas turning to varnish, crankcase oil crusting over…

Then my parents came out to visit, helped clean out the carport, and we decided to turn it over:

And roared back to life on the 2nd crank!

So a few general tips if your car is going to sit for a while:

1) Start it up once in a while! We all know this, but you know how it goes. Starting and letting it run will keep the engine free and battery charged.

2) Move it around! Keep the joints moving by either driving it around or just go back and forth a few feet. Either my differential or brakes froze because in order to move it, I had to give it some heavy gas and something broke free!

3) Keep it covered! I thought by seeing the Datsun uncovered it’d prompt me to do something – lolz. If you really want to do something, you’ll do it. And covering it will only protect it from the elements, accumulating grime, and minor mysterious scuffs and dents (where the hell did that come from?!) I’ll pop that out later…


Haha that last video is like watching paint dry – super cool paint.

Anyways, he sure cleans up handsome.

Next up: Midnight Maintence! Clutch takes 4 pumps too many! OMGs – SMOG!

Even as a kid, I liked Z’s

When we were kids, we had the pleasure of playing with my dad’s slot cars. When he was young, they raced both large and small versions. I remember my dad telling us stories about racing those cars and about a red metal suitcase that stored them.
Since we had plenty of small track around, we’d lay out, and race those little cars around and around – getting really good at knowing when to temper that trigger around a corner and just letting it rip across the straightaway!

Of course, my brother and I would always choose our favorites. Mine was always this orange one…and if you asked me yesterday, I’d recall it as perhaps a Porsche 944 of sorts.

Well in the midst of my brother cleaning out the basement, tossing toys of yore, he found dad’s slot cars, and that orange one I favored so much…

Yep. It was a Datsun 240Z. Hot dang.

I guess it was such an awesome car back then, it just captured me and it’s stuck all these years. Thankfully, my brother kept the car, and dad gave it to me.  I’m just thankful my dad was able to expose us to all these cool things like slot cars. Mmm I wonder if my son Emerson would like to play slot cars someday…

October: a historic month, part 1

Ah! October. What a great month – leaves are turning, there a chill in the air, the sun is starting to get lazy in the morning and grumbles, “fall is here”! Well it’s also an important month for the Datsun Z.

Back in October 22nd, 1969, Nissan released one of its most successful cars ever: the Nissan Fairlady Z, or known as the Datsun 240z here in the States. Sold as a 1970 year model, it featured a 2.4L inline-6 engine and only cost $3,526 USD; a price on par with its contemporaries at the time: the MGB-GT (love that car) and the Porsche 914. In short, it was a success for its affordability, reliability, performance and great looks. 

The 240Z helped usher in a new perspective on Japanese sports cars to the American public, and continued its success of the S30 chassis with the 260z and 280z. And as they say, “the rest is history”…or just a link below 🙂

A few cool Datsun 240z ads:



Image: Wikimedia

Price: https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hmn/2013/12/1970–73-Datsun-240Z/3733091.html

Zpotted: Undercover Z

 We know that shape anywhere…

My mom and I were checking out houses in the neighborhood, and I did a triple take. She was like, “what are you looking at?!”

Z’s can’t hide from us!

Zoom in and you can lines for thin bumpers, and those clean wheels peeking from under the car cover. From the back side I saw a patina’d reddish / orange body…

I’ll roll around again someday soon and see if we can interview its owner!

Datsun Meet: 10/25/15 San Jose!

From my daily check on Craigslist:

Datsun Car Show + Swap Meet

10/25/15 from 8am to 4pm 

Doors open at 6am for vendors to set up

2455 Masonic Dr San Jose CA

– $5 entrance fee (per car)

– $15 selling fee

– Food and drinks will be sold at the venue

So if you’re looking to buy much needed Datsun parts (who isn’t?) or want to sell some of your parts collection then start planning for this event NOW!

Please pass the word along to make this event a successful one so we can continue to plan events like this in our area in the future.

Don’t worry; still alive and kicking

“what ever happened to the Datsun? Still driving the Z? Hey! You never told me you sold it?!”

The 280z is still alive and well. Unfortunately work has been bit super busy these past few months – gotta make $ to spend $ (for the Z), right?! 🙂

But that doesn’t me I don’t have time make a few clicks here, and toss a few things into the shopping cart. I recently picked up these:

Fuel injectors! Last post I did for the new battery terminals, I found that the injectors were being held down by some kind of tired silicon adhesive. One touch and the engine starts to fade drastically!! Was able to pick up these Standard FJ707 injectors at a good price, and just to provide good maintenance for the engine.

Here’s a brief un-boxing:

I can probably expect slightly better performance / efficiency, and almost guarantee increase in reliability.

Now, time to move the cars…taking the Z to work 🙂

Goodbye: Yutaka Katayama – Father of the Z

I’d like to say my absence from blogging has been because of negligence…or wrenching on the car (you’ll see in the upcoming posts it’s been both), however we open Daily Datsun and 2015 on a somber note…

In February, Yutaka Katayama, well known as “Mr. K” and the ‘father of the Datsun Z’, passed away at a long-lived age of 105. The former President of the Nissan Motor Co. not only brought the company and it’s cars to the world market, but brought so much more to the automotive world. When the 240z hit the US in the 1970’s, it was a hit and the rest is history.

Check out the full write up @ Car and Driver:

It’s with deep sadness that we lose such an icon, however we can remember his contribution and legacy through the joy and pleasure of driving the Z and all other Datsuns that are still on the road today.

Thanks to cousin Mike for the article!

Vrrmmm sputter sputter

Huh?! First the car needed a jump start for some reason, then on my way to an appointment: headlights go brown, instrument lights get dimmer… Engine, having a hard time firing, turning, accelerating so I can keep up with highway speeds.

Then it goes dark. Out. Broken. Down.


Lights re-solder

This has got to be one of the most finicky parts of the lights: the switch column! And more specifically, where the wires solder into the column! Funny enough.. it’s only the regular lights and not the high beams…