Vrrmmm sputter sputter

Huh?! First the car needed a jump start for some reason, then on my way to an appointment: headlights go brown, instrument lights get dimmer… Engine, having a hard time firing, turning, accelerating so I can keep up with highway speeds.

Then it goes dark. Out. Broken. Down.


Lights re-solder

This has got to be one of the most finicky parts of the lights: the switch column! And more specifically, where the wires solder into the column! Funny enough.. it’s only the regular lights and not the high beams…


Man in Corvette says:

Man and wife pull up next to me.
His black on black late 60’s Stingray ushers in the night even though it’s only dusk. It’s body, alive and clawing at the road even though it’s not moving. I give a hesitant yet enthusiastic thumbs up..

He rolls down his window and says…

“Hey dats like a little corvette, huh!?”
.. In the most Jeff Foxworthy-esque voice.

Thnx man

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have much to be thankful for at Daily Datsun:

1) The Datsun 280z still runs strong; actually stronger than ever (despite recent running light issues…oy)

2) Nearly 2 year old weather stripping held up after the season’s first rain (despite cracking – more on that later)

3) Still get many, many compliments and nostalgic comments about the car. I love when it sends someone back down memory lane: “oh i used to have one!”, “wow, my brother used to have one”, “shoot, my ex-girl friend used to drive one”, and my favorite of recent memory, “sigh – classic… (then he rubs the rear quarter ever so lightly”.

4) Thankful for people who read this blog

5) Thankful for family not worrying to much about me driving a 35 year old car

6) Thankful for a wife who understands :]

Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving!

– Justin

Daily Datsun Thanksgiving

Datsun – still in the media…

Datsun is still among us – sometime you just have to look hard enough..

Maybe it’s parked under a tree, or the blur that just caught the corner of your eye… or maybe in the recent Car & Driver (Sept 2013)!

In a new Juke Nismo ad (Thrill-seekers, seek no more), there it is: an S30 Datsun Z!

Daily Datsun - Nismo Juke Ad Daily Datsun - Nismo Juke Ad 2

Look closely as this isn’t your normal Z – yep, it’s the East African Safari #11 Rally car! This car was the first Z to win an International Victory in a Pro Rally*. A Z in a rally race?.. in that terrain? haha the drive would be a hoot! :]

Something to sleep on…


Know where this is from? You may know this piece from 240z and 260z seat covers but it’s not where this one came from. I found this at a mattress recycling facility! Incredible that a 1970’s Japanese car shares parts with a mattress. If Datsun / Nissan made mattresses…what would a Z mattress be like? Sleep on that!

Battery tray!

This is the battery compartment – definitely has seen better days! Rusted wall (the most rust on the body), old tray, and just check out that orange bungee strap holding it place! So part of thursday’s daily datsun restoration also included taking care of the battery compartment mess. Let’s pop this battery out and see what we’ve got!

These progression shots show the battery area from original to prep’ed. Supposedly Z cars are notorious for having major rust around that battery area – this 280z isn’t an exception. Not the best job of scraping and sanding down the rough patches as i would have liked, but it’ll do for now. Someday i’ll be painting the whole engine bay.

Got the battery kit from Motorsport Auto – pretty good. Came with battery tray, tray mat, battery frame, and necessary bolts. The complete kit was only $50, and will replace the bungee cord nicely. My only compliant would be the sizing of the battery frame (as seen below); it’s just too big and not fit for a modern battery.