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Parts Review List

Might as well keep tally of all the parts purchased (beyond routine maintenance items, see below) for the Datsun 280z.

Since i’m new to the “Z-car scene” I’ll also review the “quality” of the parts as compared to original, and the distributor. Since it’s early on, by purchasing from different distributors, I can sample them and get a good sense of which provide what type / quality of part.

Genuine = Nissan Part, straight from Nissan Motor Co. LTD
Better = Looks, performs and/or installs better than original
Good = Looks like original, performs / installs like original
Original = Refurbished part, or I got it from the donor car / Pick ‘n Pull
Adequate = Works, but something’s less than desirable (ie. fit, finish, position). You can read the posts to figure out why.
n/a = doesn’t apply here 

 10/28/2011  Haynes Datsun 240z-280z Manual  ISBN 978-0856962066  Adequate  $7
 10/28/2011  Boot, Air Cleaner to AFM  MSA 11-3520  Genuine  $38.35
 10/28/2011  Fusible Link Cover (2)  MSA 12-4355  Genuine  $11.20
 10/28/2011  Fusible Link, Black  MSA 12-4334  Genuine  $7.18
 10/28/2011  Fusible Link, Red (3)  MSA 12-4336  Genuine  $15.69
 10/28/2011  Battery Hardware Kit  MSA 12-4251KI  Genuine  $54.95
 10/xx/2011  15Amp Fuse  LittleFuses  n/a  $3
 11/02/2011  Beck/Arnley EGR Valve  0460065  Adequate  $25.79
 11/10/2011  Hood Bumper – Adjustable (2)  BDA 59-131  Good  $13.90
 11/10/2011  Nut – Wiper Arm Retaining (2)  BDA 79-308  Good  $1.50
 11/10/2011  Hood Bumper – Side (4)  BDA 59-128  Good  $11.80
 11/10/2011  Escutcheon Cover – LH  BDA 59-634  Adequate  $4.95
 1/15/2011  240z Front Bumper  (craigslist)  Good  $80
 2/12/2011  Wix Fuel Filter  O’Reilly’s Auto Parts  Good  $13
 3/1/2011  ’76 280z Seat covers (NOS)  (All Datsun Classifieds)  Good  $150
 10/15/2013  Alternator bracket  Futofab  Better  $33.50
 7/20/2014  Side View Mirrors  KDS KT-1370  Good  $51.50
 6/20/2015  Battery Terminals  Kicker  Good  $42
 TOTAL  $493.00


Fiancée: “We’ll need about $44 for save-the-date stamps…”
Me: “Babe, I’ve got a car to think about now.”

Routine Maintenance Items:

Oil: 10w30, 4.5-5qts; Oil Filter: Fram Ph8a / Wix 51515
Air Filter: Fram CA4303 / Wix 42136 (stock)
Spark plugs: NGK 7634 (BR5ES-11)

8 Replies to “Parts List”

  1. Dears!
    Do you have to sell these aluminium/rubber side mouldings? I need it to my 200SX. Let me know, please!

    1. Thanks Mike! Actually, not sure if you saw from previous post, I purchased the rubber bumper insert from you guys! I appreciate the comment – let me know if there’s anything I can do to help promote you guys.

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