When working on your Datsun Z car, always good to have all the resources at your fingertips.

Maintenance Specs:
Oil: 10w30, 4.5-5qts; Oil Filter: Fram Ph8a / Wix 51515
Air Filter: Fram CA4303 / Wix 42136 (stock)
Spark plugs: NGK 7634 (BR5ES-11)

Datsun Z Service Manuals / Part Diagrams: – the whole gambit and more – fuzzy part diagrams, but points to nearly every part and part number for the 280z (240z, 260z) – 280z EFI manual

Motorsport Auto – Great selection, most of it Genuine coming from Nissan Motor Co. LTD, but really lacking on the picture descriptions.
Black Dragon Automotive – Their free catalog is great because of all the diagrams and descriptions. And it’s very handy to have a quick price reference in a physical catalog.
Rock Auto –  The kitchen sink of 3rd party / OEM parts on the cheap

Forums (that i’m a part of):
Classic Z Cars –

Other Datsun Z Cars:
1970 DATSUN 240Z (HLS30-02156) – main page (Z432)interiorparts comparison

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