The $45K Godzilla question…

What would you pay for a clean, done-up-right S30 (240z, 260z, 280z) Datsun Z? $5,000? $10,000?

I’ve seen some great gems, stock styling, nice drivers for about $5k on Craigslist.


For $10k, you get into some really nice, well kept examples:

260Z from Specialy Sales… this has been on the market for almost a year now…
or.. how about $45,000?! If you look close, you’ll notice all the differences comparing the previous examples: RB26 turbo’d engine, Watanabe ‘R-type’ wheels, ZG flares, custom gauges… but for $45k? hmmm…


Elephant Oil Cap!

The elusive Elephant oil cap!

Kris gave this to me for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to put it on!
I remember first seeing one of these – Kris mentioned this little gem when he had the 510.
There it sat atop the L20 valve cover. Proud.
But is it about the Elephant oil cap that makes it so.. special?!

A few tidbits:

– These caps weren’t used on the US models, but on the Japanese / Aussie models.
– So supposedly it text translates something to the tune of: “Please pour Elephant Oil” – haha that’s cute
– Elephant branded oil and lubricants from Nissan pre-dates the 240z.
– The elephant was used as a symbol to commemorate successes in the East African Safari Rally.