Historic Japanese Car Gathering – 4/21/13

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (1)After a fresh wash, we cruised it up to San Leandro for Historic Japanese Car Gathering‘s Shokuji J-Tin event! This year they had folks from Japanese Nostalgic Car and called back an honored guest, “Mary” from the the Ken & Mary Skyline commercials!

It looked like a great time with food  / ice cream trucks as well as people and their cars from all over the place.

Though it seemed to be dominated by Datsuns, there were plenty of Toyotas making a scene.

As we rolled up a 350z owner asked if i could park next to him so he could snap some old / new photos – haha hopefully i can get a shot of that from him.

Unfortunately, we arrived ~3pm and got really at the tail end of the event, but we were able to spot a few cars and snap some pics on that beautiful bay area day. Enjoy!


White on gold is always a pleaser.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (2) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (3)

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (4) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (5) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (6) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (7)

Some RHDs – yes, just check out that Skyline on Watanabe’s… that’s delux.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (8)


Rising sun corners on these two Datsun trucks.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (9)

Bunch of 510’s getting ready for a ride.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (10) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (11) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (12)

A spectacular looking Toyota Corolla Levin – man that thing was a compact piece of muscle.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (13) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (14) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (15)

This guy just threw his well done 510 right over the speed bump without a care. Sorry, that type of showmanship isn’t for me.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (16)

Really nice to see this brown Levin bare-boned and empty. You just get the ideas of restoring running through your head.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (17)

A bit more modern classic. Very well kept.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (19)

Ah, there he is – just taking in the sun.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (18)

Event: Datsloco – 8th Annual 2013

What? It’s already been a year since the last Datsloco Event?

Well, not exactly – the last Datsloco was in Oct. 2012. THIS year it’s going to be May 4th – height of da summer!

May 4th, 2013; 8am – 3pm
934 Perimeter Dr., Manteca, CA 95337

From the Craigslist post:

We will be selling datsun cars as well as parts. Admission is free and only $10 for a selling spot. May 4th from 8am to 3pm at 934 perimeter dr manteca ca 95337. Come one or come all, bring your rides and lets see if we can fill this place up like we did last year. Come out and have fun and meet car enthusiasts like yourself. This will be mainly datsuns and nissans but other makes are welcomed to join us. See u all there. For more info u can call or text me at 209-298-513zero. Sorry no burnouts and no alcohol allowed. I WILL NOT BE COOKING THIS TIME DUE TO LOCATION. SORRY

FREE Admission, $10 fee if you are selling parts.

What: datsun nissan event When: may 4th from 8am to 3pm Where: 934 perimeter dr manteca ca 95337 Why: cuz we enjoy “doing it in a datsun” For more info call or text me at 2o9298513o datsloco

Yep, dats loco.


Z Owners of Nor Cal Annual Car Show – Brisbane Marina

Z Owners of Northern California (ZONC) are having their Annual Car Show at the Brisbane Marina on July 28th, 2012!

Wow, that first sentence just sums it all up. There’ll be plenty of 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 350Z and 370Z cars you can shake a stick at, with a special section just for the older cars. Of course plenty of 510’s, Datsun Roadsters, G35 coupes and GT-Rs will also be there in full force. I won’t be entering in 280Z just yet (plus i don’t want to spend 5 hrs there), but I’ll certainly be there to check it out. Should be a blast to see what everyone’s done with their Z cars up close and personal.

For more information go to ZONC’s website: http://zonc.org/

For photos of last year’s event, check out Z-Car Garage’s page. Rob’s got a host of photos to gawk at.

Flyer for ZONC's Annual Car Show at the Brisbane Marina


Spotted: 240z w/ 280z parts

Cruisin’ around downtown with Thanh, taking a different route to a familiar restaurant, and spotted a red Datsun 240z! Of course I had to make a u-turn and check it out :]

This 240z is a little worse for wear, certainly looking like it gets used. It does have some interesting features to it though: sports a modern valence, side skirts, wheel well lip rubber, and look at that, a 280z hood. I wonder what’s lurking underneath…

red Datsun 240z with 280z hood

Rolling on 280zx wheels – perhaps another hint at it’s internal upgrades.

red Datsun 240z with 280z hood - rear

Check out the body color single side Turbo mirror.

red Datsun 240z with 280z hood - front

Spotted: 280zx Turbo

This morning was a blast: vinyl seats cooked my back, A/C DEFINITELY needs a recharge, and…. I spotted a red 280zx Turbo :]

Saw this guy down the street so i decided to take the long way to work.

The guy threw out a hang 10 when he noticed me in his rear view.

Cooked it between a slow Celica and even slooower Grand Prix to holler out a few “hoots”. Should’ve screamed, ‘DailyDatsun.com’ instead :]

Red 280zx Turbo

Work: Datsun Nissan 280zx 2+2

I love parking next to other Z cars where ever we go. The older the wider the smile.

Pounced into the parking lot at work this morning and briefly parked next to a great late 70’s (?) Nissan / Datsun 280zx… 2+2!
A quick peek in the back showed two bent 2″+ pipes… possible future exhaust?!

Work’s parking lot certainly has it’s newer 350Z and 370z cars, but it’s the first time i’ve seen this guy around. 2+2’s are growning on me.

datsun 280z 280zx meet

Though late 70’s Z cars went to more angular design, they still kept the flavor of the original design. I’m really digging the louvers.. probably keeps the back cooler in the summer.

datsun 280z 280zx meet - rear

Hood match up – both rocking black vents.

datsun 280z 280zx meet - hood

And got the same wheels! Iron Cross!

Nissan Datsun 280zx 2+2 wheel

A little extra in the back for the 2+2.

Nissan Datsun 280zx 2+2 rear quarter

Looks like a very well cared for example of a Datsun Nissan 280zx 2+2.

Nissan Datsun 280zx 2+2 - blue