Datsloco, Livermore – My 1st Meet

Dat’s right! Datsloco!

My previous posts have all been car shows (which i’m quite fond of) like the Willow Glen classic, but this was my 1st MEET! I was super excited to say the least. Datsloco is a local meet organized by a guy named Gino, usually held in the Livermore area, and simply just peeps and their Datsuns.  Well of course they had plenty of parts for sale, bbq (supposedly Gino makes an off the hook carne asada), and even a guy workin on his tranny in the parking lot.

Before the meet though, first things first: a pint.  Campfire stout @ Tap25.

Highwater Campfire Stout

Though we got there a few hours from the end, there were plenty of Datsun trucks, and every variety of 510’s possible: 2-dr, 4-dr, Bluebirds, Coupes, and even a RHD from Japan. Two other Z’s remained when we rolled in. Additionally, a Nissan 240sx and 70’s Toyota Corona rounded it out. OK, HOODS UP!

Gino’s Bluebird Coupe – if this doesn’t make you want one…



You can just hear the snarl on this one.


Super hilarious!



Dean’s 240z w/ Fairlady Z432 grill


Hoods up!




Triple carbs on a L28 engine w/ polished valve cover – love it.

There were a few Crown Royal bags around



A RHD Bluebird Coupe from Japan!



Someone testing out some gold Watanabe wheels. I like Wats, but the wheels he had on already looked great.



Powder blue wasn’t no slouch – just check out where all the color is…