Still feels like a brand new car.

I was heading back home from an appointment, when i noticed the miles counting down… 99991….99992
ok, ok, i’m not too far from home, maybe i’ll make it to my driveway…

shoot.. only at 280 / 87 (or somewhere around there)

ah ah! where’s my phone? okok recording… where’s the light, ok, light on


what? why are you turning off?! no no, wheres my car charger? WHERE?!

99999… 00000!

woohoo! after pulling over the side of the road, fumbling for the charger in excitement, I was able to record my first mile. Sigh, my first 100k ever.


Re-solder Re-light


This guy’s a little nuisance – the headlight solder point attached the combo switch.

I already had the 280z’s column covers off earlier in the week month because my headlights wouldn’t turn on (switch was broken), but now the wire when ahead and popped off. That white wire is an iPhone charger cable wrapped around the steering column to hold the wire down while I solder. Sigh – one day at a time…


Daily Datsun in a music video

At my brother’s the other day and noticed these chaps walking down the street while music was blaring.. Ah, filming a music video. Haha I think they got the 280z in there.

[just found pic and realized it never got posted! -jy, 9/20/15]

Which reminds me, where have we seen S30 (classic) Z’s in music videos?

Only one i know of is Far East Movement’s ‘Like a G6’ video

A quick Google search found Tiesto’s ‘Take Me’, which has a root beer 280z in nearly every shot. seriously! 4-speed, carpet dash mat and all. The Z steals the show!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!

Merry Christmas and… wait for it… Happy New Years! (Thanks auto-publisher for posting this at the stroke of midnight! haha)

Look what Santa dropped off for the 280z this year:

Energy Suspension’s 7.18102G Master Kit for Datsun!! wwwaahh!

Yes, a full polyurethane bushing set for the Datsun 280z. Complete. Masterful. Sure to add on multiple hours of labor to put them all on…and get all the old crusty rubber ones off.. oy..

If Santa didn’t see your Z in the driveway, you can pick up your own at Amazon for about $160.

Need help?

Funny how things happen…
I’ve had my fair share of leaving the lights on, and needed to jump started, but this time it was reverse.

On Friday, the forth time the 280z jump starting a car: a blue Camry.

#DatsunSaves 🙂

Datsun Saves ad

Zpotted: Bryan’s yellow 280z

As we’re ready to pull away from Hydration bubble tea in downtown San Jose, I take a quick look in my side view mirror and do a double take… was it the sharp yellow color? the headlight covers that gave it away? A beaming Z turns the corner and we spot each other down the street. He pulls in just behind me, and I turn to my wife to say, “babe, it’s gonna be a minute”. :]

Yellow 280z - Daily Datsun

Meet Bryan and his 3rd Datsun Z, also a ’77 280z! We swap stories…

If you’re sharp, you may remember this is the same Bryan who’s commented on the blog before! Our Z’s are often mistaken for one another. He tells the story of one of his buddies meeting him downtown, exclaiming, ‘yeah, you parked out in front. i’m walking past your Z right now’!

Brian and his yellow Z - Daily Datsun

His 280z is also repainted, but still in it’s original color. He also comments that there are 4 of us with yellow Z’s in the area! Note the single side view mirror, mini-door-bumper next to the door handle, and that the body bumpers are all blacked out. I didn’t get a shot of the whole car, but you can kinda see the nice Rota rims he’s rolling on. After realizing that I don’t have the chrome along the roof sill, it’s just so obvious I don’t have it.

Yellow 280z engine bay - Daily Datsun

Aside from the new coil, the engine is stock and also has all the same minor issues. He’s in the process of removing each component and cleaning down the engine bay – it’s looking great!

Yellow 280z rear - Daily Datsun

Yep, that’s a rear strut tower bar in the back. He had me lean in hard on his suspension…stiff solid. Yep, coil overs. I guess with profile that low it’s got to be! Must be incredible to ride around corners. Plans for the rear? It looks like the previous owner did a poor job of replacing the all-too-often rusted trunk sill, so he’s looking to eventually replace that, fill in the holes and fit a 240z bummer on there.

Bryan was on his way over to meet his filmmaker buddy who’s got a few GoPro’s and a head cam to film the Z taking the turns on Hwy 9. Oooooo would love to see that final footage!

I’m sure it won’t be the last time we see Bryan and his yellow Z!

Zpotted: AC’s deep cherry 280z

AC and his 77 280z - Daily DatsunWe were visiting friends the other day month and spotted a nice looking 280z in their parking lot. I was admiring pretty hard, peaking in the windows, checking out the upper door chrome (more on that later). I guess I was checking it out TOO much because soon after I walked away, a lady comes out and stares at me like neighborhood watch.

I’m in my car, typing some notes… then a guy comes out, occasionally glares in my direction. They mull about getting closer and closer, looking at me ever so often. I finally get out of the car to go talk to them, find out what’s up, and he motions me over (ah ha! must be the owner).

Come to find out he was the Z’s owner and we smoothed everything out – even more so, got to know him and his 280z…

Here’s AC and his work-in-progress ’77 Datsun 280z. He’s owned it for 21 years. The paint is new and looks great. You can tell he’s got great care and concern for his Z.

He said he’s driven this car all over: Reno, SoCal… even to Tijuana, Mexico!

Since we owned the same model year, we had a bit to talk about… like smog.


AC's 77 280z - Daily Datsun

AC's 77 280z - Daily Datsun

He continues to rock the mucho solid bumpers. After talking, I’ll be selling him the rubber sides for the bumpers I have.

AC's 77 280z - Daily Datsun

AC's 77 280z - Daily Datsun

Whoa – what?! so THAT’S what 280z door/river gutter chrome trim looks like! I must have marveled at this piece for a good while.

AC's 77 280z - Daily Datsun

Check out the engine bay! See those red plates? Heat shields! They must be dealer installed because I don’t remember seeing that in the factory service manual. Just when you think you’ve seen them all, there’s always something new! … huh, which might explain why my fluid has been disappearing (no, no leaks here).

Great paint, mesh wheels, keepin it clean. You can tell AC really loves his Z, and it shows in his careful / patient restoration.