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Zpotted: SoCal seafoam

zippin around SoCal a while back [actually a year ago – i just found this in the drafts folder!], rippin up the freeway was this seafoam Z. keep it rollin’!

Zpotted: Silver Datsun 2000

Behold this silver chariot! Summer drives along the coast must be ammmazing with this little guy: the Datsun 2000 roadster!

I had a financial education seminar in Santa Clara the other day, and spotted this just in the parking lot, ready to go. Actually my co-workers asked if I had the same car! Haha well, not being into cars, they just know I have a “Datsun”, and the front badging on the roadsters let be known – it’s a Datsun.

I’m always so interested in the roadsters lines; for a car is this size it has lots of creases you wouldn’t expect. Check out the slight over hang to the left of the trunk. And the way the trunk is actually shaped, like pillow embossed. Not to mention all of the chrome bits! Actually it almost seems as though it has MORE parts than the Z, yeah?

Hats off to a well-cared for, well-enjoyed Datsun 2000 roadster!

Zpotted: Deep blue 240z!

This comes in from my buddy Leslie (of Daily Dapper fame) – she spotted a Datsun 240z sunk in deep ocean blue with an interior swathed in white recently at a Menlo Park car show.

Looks like a super clean example with tasteful upgrades! We can spy the stacked Monza exhaust, strut tower bars in front and back, and ‘knock-off’ wheels. “Datsun” sideemblem is de-badged as well.

Thanks for zpotting, Leslie!

Zpotted: 77 downtown brown

This downtown brown sent in by my sister-in-law.

My guess is that this 280z is a 1977. Just check this thing out – kinda funky!
Period wheels, turbo mirrors, extra antenna popping outta the windshield, side window and rear windshield louvers, and it’s even got the little door bumper guard between the door handle and the edge of the door!
Additionally, this 280z has got the bumper overrider bar, added fog lights and mesh over the headlights.

Good thing he’s got the Club haha


Zpotted – jon tong!

haha actually – we zpotted each other 😛 enjoy the drive buddy!

jTong's 240z, turnin'

jTong’s 240z, turnin’

Zpotted: BAZ 370z

Recently i’ve been driving the truck since the 280Z’s been having smog issues…

While heading to work, I rolled up next to a nicely done 370z on Great America Parkway. Also, low and behold, it’s a BAZ member’s car! (Bay Area Z) (or at least i think so, judging from the sticker…).

Check out BAZ’s facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bayareazz/






Zpotted: sinister 300zx

i’ve always preferred the classic Z shape over other models, however, the black on black makes this 300zx look just cool. like KITT cool.


a 280z restoration one morning at a time


a 280z restoration one morning at a time

Dirty S30

a 280z restoration one morning at a time


Looking through the lens with rods and cones.


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