Zpotted: black on black 280zx

My wife spotted this Z on the highway, and asked, “is this a Z?”. Yep! Haha I wonder how she knew… I haven’t asked her but maybe she remembered the shape of the Z31 S130 body style, or maybe she noticed it’s similarity to the S30… Either way, she’s catching on!

Love the stock look of the early 300zx 280zx, black on black, and the hood intake on these things. Now if only they had a better designed interior.. Regardless these things r growing on me.



3/4/14 – Edit – Upon further inspection.. it’s a 280zx! the 300zx didn’t have the squared off rear side window (it just tapered into a triangle). and i still don’t like this body style. [Thanks zach!]

Zpotted: AC’s deep cherry 280z

AC and his 77 280z - Daily DatsunWe were visiting friends the other day month and spotted a nice looking 280z in their parking lot. I was admiring pretty hard, peaking in the windows, checking out the upper door chrome (more on that later). I guess I was checking it out TOO much because soon after I walked away, a lady comes out and stares at me like neighborhood watch.

I’m in my car, typing some notes… then a guy comes out, occasionally glares in my direction. They mull about getting closer and closer, looking at me ever so often. I finally get out of the car to go talk to them, find out what’s up, and he motions me over (ah ha! must be the owner).

Come to find out he was the Z’s owner and we smoothed everything out – even more so, got to know him and his 280z…

Here’s AC and his work-in-progress ’77 Datsun 280z. He’s owned it for 21 years. The paint is new and looks great. You can tell he’s got great care and concern for his Z.

He said he’s driven this car all over: Reno, SoCal… even to Tijuana, Mexico!

Since we owned the same model year, we had a bit to talk about… like smog.


AC's 77 280z - Daily Datsun

AC's 77 280z - Daily Datsun

He continues to rock the mucho solid bumpers. After talking, I’ll be selling him the rubber sides for the bumpers I have.

AC's 77 280z - Daily Datsun

AC's 77 280z - Daily Datsun

Whoa – what?! so THAT’S what 280z door/river gutter chrome trim looks like! I must have marveled at this piece for a good while.

AC's 77 280z - Daily Datsun

Check out the engine bay! See those red plates? Heat shields! They must be dealer installed because I don’t remember seeing that in the factory service manual. Just when you think you’ve seen them all, there’s always something new! … huh, which might explain why my fluid has been disappearing (no, no leaks here).

Great paint, mesh wheels, keepin it clean. You can tell AC really loves his Z, and it shows in his careful / patient restoration.

Zpotted: blue 280zx 2+2

Rolling down the street into downtown…
Those tail lights are unmistakable! 🙂


Blue 280zx 2+2! Woot woot! Ultra clean with two tone paint. He spotted me first as he was ready with a thumbs up when i rolled up!

Drove with him for a block before he turned off.



Zpotted: Historic plated red 510 @ downtown

Heading toward downtown, and a red blur allowed me to catch up with him.

It was a red Datsun 510 with Bluebird plates, roll cage, white side markers and rolling on Rota RBs – all bowed up with a CA Historic plate. The friendly guy mentioned a SF ride with details on the Ratsun Forum. I should really get on there and do a ride one of these days…

DailyDatsun-red_510_historic-2 DailyDatsun-red_510_historic-1

Zpotted: Daily Datsun

Hahaha I’ve been zpotted – thnx Dana!


Earlier yesterday, while picking up bacon at the corner mexican market, the owner mentioned he used to have a Datsun Z. “Man, I used to have one, ran real good. I regret selling it – my friend kept asking me to sell to him, and once I did, I asked myself ‘why did I just do that?’..”

Later that day we stopped by an open house, and as we were leaving the selling realtor remarked, “hey you want the house just put the car in as part of the deal”.

I think it’s summertime.

Old Parked Cars – the blog

Just found another great blog on old cars called, Old Parked Cars.

Two brother, Ben and Tony Piff, snap photos of… you guessed it, old parked cars. It’s great.

Seemingly within this rural town in Oregon, they spot old cars everywhere they go, and going on 4 years of it! From Alfa to SAAB, Buick to Dodge, they’ve managed to see rust buckets to gems – and none without at least just a little bit of character. And yes, they’ve snapped Datsuns. Below is a link just with the Datsun tag, but check out their entire site too – some wicked fun stuff on there.


In addition to Bring-A-Trailer and Craiglist, Old Parked Cars will certainly become part of my morning read. Here’s some from Datsuns from the site:

’71 Datsun 1200 Fastback

’64 Datsun L320

’76 Datsun F10 Hatchback