Hector’s 1972 240z

From the Bay Area Datsun Z Facebook community, I met Hector, owner of a 1972 240z! What a great guy, and he really needed Z flares. I just happen to have them! Actually, I had them for quite awhile, initially thinking they’d be on the 280z, but my dad convinced me otherwise (which was a good decision for the style of my car). Regardless, they’ve gone to a good home!

FullSizeRender 4

Hector’s 240z is powered by a L28et (turbo’d) riding on BC coilovers. Just check out that whale tail!

My 280z may not have the killer stance / looks of the ZG flares, but the NEXT Z will DEFINITELY have them on!

[edit, 10/11/17] – Hector put the fender flares on and they look awesome – good job, man!

Zpotted: whizzin’ in white 280

Saw these guys doggin’ left and right on 280 in a 280z!


Total daily driver on classic centerline-type wheels and wheel spacers (must be!) – well loved and well used!


You should’ve seen these two guys – absolutely having a blast! Just another classic Z on the road as it should be!

Zpotted: Z in Entourage

I would have never given the show, Entourage, a chance if it weren’t for a friend mentioning that it was produced by Mark Wahlberg.. And he knows I’m a fan of Mark Wahlberg! He also mentioned it’s suppose to loosely resemble his life coming out to Hollywood from Boston. I’m a ways from there but being from MA, I can relate… Haha naw. Either way – love the show.
Somewhere in Season 2, the crew go visit an indie Director in a motel… Can you spot it?

A white, t-top’d 280zx!


Zpotted: rough white 240z

Mom and Dad spotted this white Z up in Palo Alto! 

“A little rough around the edges…”


Regardless, shows well in pics 🙂

Bumper-less, badge-less, and lowered on wide Rota Shakotans. Better yet, looks like a daily!

Spotted: White 260z 2+2

I spy with my little eye…

Ever experience getting a new car, and thinking, ‘wow, there just aren’t that many around’, then shortly after driving it off the lot, sure enough you’re seeing that car everywhere?

It’s always true that once you’ve begun to pay attention to a car, they seem to pop up. Of course if it’s a car you don’t mind looking at, that’s not quite a bad thing. Heading down the street, outta the corner of my eye, I managed to spot something about 200ft away:


See it? :] Here’s a close up:

Imagehaha! A white 260z 2+2!
Since then I’ve driven by a few times and noticed it hasn’t moved at all, so though it seems to have a decent exterior, it’s probably just parked there to stay. Maybe if i have time, i’ll inquire what it’s deal is.

Snow White 240z in HRE wHeels

eGarage recently had a great article / pics of a Datsun 240z rebuild in Poland.

Owned and rebuilt by Tomasz Boguslawski, the story details his family history in Poland, his love of cars, and the rarity of having a 240z in Poland.

The pictures truly tell all. You’ll see all the nice add-ons that make Z cars looks great – a fantastic job, well done and inspiring!

Source: eGarage

eGarage Datsun 240z HRE wheels

Love the ZG flares, lightweight polyurethane bumper and head light covers. Also it’s got the aftermarket front valance (best besides stock in my opinion), euro-type side marker, and awesome looking HRE wheels. You know he had to convert 4-lug to 5-lug on that one!

eGarage Datsun 240z HRE wheels

Keepin’ it real with the original L series engine. Gold strut tower bar to match.

eGarage Datsun 240z HRE wheels

eGarage Datsun 240z HRE wheels

eGarage Datsun 240z HRE wheels