Found hanging out with a 350z

Seems like the 280z can’t get enough of hanging out with the younger crowd! It was only a few weeks ago that 40th Anniversary 370z kept the 280z company.

Parked in the San Jose Convention Center garage, I came back to the car to find a great looking 350z backed into it’s spot right next to me! haha It had a surprisingly good look for a two-tone R8-esque paint, with great rims to match its look. Since i had the camera with me, I caught them in the lens.

It’s always a Datsun/Nissan meet!

280z and 350z -

280z and 350z -

280z and 350z -

280z and 350z -

280z and 350z -

Just check out those wheels… shoot! Looks like his rim is larger than my whole tire. Sigh – those 14×6 “iron cross” wheels have got to go!

280z and 350z -

and that’s how we roll.


**UPDATE 2/28/12** – read Bob Nazarenus’ comment (the 350z owner) on the Junk Datsun – Surprise article! Thanks Bob!

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