The Datsun Z…used as a kit car

Say what? There’s a Datsun Z kit car?! Well, not exactly, it’s more like there have been many Datsun Z’s used as the basis for building another car…

First thing that comes to mind: who in the world would do such a thing?! I mean the S30 Datsun Z body is incredibly beautiful and has a timeless design and aesthetic with plenty of critcal press to back it up. Ok ok, so what if “beauty” is truly in the eye of it’s beholder… and abominations like a S13 Nissan Silvia rock-crawler wasn’t to be called…an abomination? (actually..that particular one is kinda neat…)

Case in question: A Datsun Z turned Ferrari 250 GTO.

I guess there have been a number of these conversions, and like all project cars are in varying degrees of completion and success. This particular Datsun Z / Ferrari replica conversion comes from Craigslist. At first I thought it was a Ferrari post with “Datsun” in it’s laundry list of keywords, but what gave it away at first glance?


The triple gauge humps on the dash. Ah ha! it’s a Z.

Hmm is it worth it? Should people do these types of things to already beautiful cars? I suppose in the end, the build is still in the eye of the builder. And though it’s too bad another Z gets taken off the road, I suppose what remains is a driver’s happiness. But in reality, you know how these project cars go… it’ll probably never get on the road and get re-posted on CL 3-5 years later, unfinished.



2 Replies to “The Datsun Z…used as a kit car”

  1. Hey I bought this car off Craigslist, and to say then one mans junk is another mans treasure, I am in the process of restoring her to a one of a kind custom, you wont recognize her when shes done. I buy cars and flip them or create them for my collection… I am going to paint her candy apple red with some iredescent flake in the clear coat… She will be called the ZRod… ya thats it I like it…

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